The Pawsome Reality of Owning A Dog

Every little child’s dream is owning his very own dog. I have seen several YouTube videos where children were surprised by their parents and gave them a dog for their birthday or Christmas present. 

The look on their faces changes from being surprised to having happy tears. Children may envision these furbabies as their own little brother or sister and not just as a toy. 

Thus, knowing just how much this gesture means to them is an unexplainable feeling.

Having a dog at home can be the center of attention of the whole family. And while this is such an exciting thought, there are a few points that the family should be prepared for before taking in a new pet. 

First and foremost, the family must be aware of the responsibility that they are taking. Having a dog is not just letting the dog into your home. 

Along with it is the responsibility of providing for its needs, just like we do – home, food, water, supplements, and vet visits, etc.

Are you ready to become a fur parent?

In this article, you will learn the responsibilities of being a dog owner. It’s a joyful and, on occasion, challenging journey. But, you will realize that they are just the most adorable creatures in the world!

A safe home for dogs


Make sure that your home is safe enough to be with your dogs. Dogs can pretty much be checking up on about everything. 

So, small objects which they are likely to pick up should be kept safely away from them. 

They like nibbling on practically everything. Although somehow, they outgrow this behavior, it is still better to keep every small object safely kept in boxes, trunks, or drawers.

The first few days may be quite a challenge. 

Dogs may react differently when they are put in a new environment. But, they definitely can feel if he is welcome or not. 

Thus, it is best to be around as much as you can in his first few days until he feels at home. It is also essential that you teach him where he should be, like setting up a crate or a dog bed early on.

Introduce the dog to everyone so that he can slowly familiarize each member of the household. 

Others may perceive this as an irrational thought, but dogs are intelligent creatures. And introducing each one would make him feel that he is safe around any of them.

Being in a new environment, the initial reaction of a dog is to know whether he is in a safe place or not. Never cuddle too hard as the dog may interpret it as being attacked. And when this happens, he might just bite the person.

What is the best food to feed my dog?


Some dogs are fed once a day, others twice. 

Depending on the kind of food that you would prepare for them, this would mean an added cost on your part. 

We strictly discourage giving table food to our dogs primarily because some of the ingredients in the dish may be dangerous for dogs. 

Besides, the nutrients that they need are not enough if we give them table food. This is why there are dog foods available because they have been prepared specifically to meet the nutritional needs of our dogs. 

Whether you decide to give wet or dry dog food, there could be a challenge in finding which one your dog will tolerate. 

Ask the former owner of your dog what kind of dog food it was fed. 

You have an option to continue giving the same dog food or choose another brand. 

But, I would suggest that if you do the latter, buy in small packs first and test if the dog will eat them. Otherwise, try another brand until you find one that your dog will eat.


Always ensure that you give your dog clean water every day. 

Change the water every feeding and ensure that it is free from contaminants such as insects, dust, or other debris, leading to an upset stomach. 

You may use a metal, plastic, rubber, or ceramic bowl, or a water feeder. 

The same kind of bowl can be used for its dog food. And just in case your dog can be eating too fast, try finding a slow-feed dog bowl. 


There is quite an extensive range of vitamins that you may find in a pet store. 

To know which one is the best for your dog, always seek the advice of your veterinarian. 

Some dog owners may have thought that giving their dogs dog food is enough to keep their pets healthy. 

But just like humans, dogs also need these supplements to support their growth and make them cheery and alert.


Dogs are wanderers. 

You may notice how they could be checking out different places in your home. 

However, even if they seem to be running around, this is not enough exercise.  

Some breeds are hyper like a child. You should walk these dogs once a day. Else, they will be biting tables and chairs and other stuff in your house.

Apart from making them enjoy a great walk outdoors, this also helps them to be healthy. 

Hence, just like us humans, walking promotes cardiovascular fitness, lowers blood pressure, helps to have stronger muscles and bones, and decreases stress. (We will talk about how to eliminate stress in dogs in one of our future blogs). 

Consequently, this is also an excellent opportunity for the owner and dog to bond. 

Similarly, allowing your dog to walk for at least 30 minutes each day can help you with your own needs, as well.


Some dog owners fail to give their dogs a weekly bath that these dogs would just run away at the sight of a water hose or pail of water. 

It is advised to give them a bath at least twice a week. 

Everyday bathing is not recommended because it washes away the natural oils, which can cause skin disease.

(We will have a more detailed article about this soon.)


How often should you visit the vet? 

As soon as you receive your new pet, I suggest that you have it checked by your trusted veterinarian to ensure the health of the dog you are taking in. 

Moreover, know from the previous owner if there is a scheduled shot that the dog may need to ensure all the vaccinations are up to date. 

What should you check:

  • Tick and fleas
  • Skin condition
  • Ears
  • Paws/nails
  • Nose 
  • Overall condition of the dog

Manage to have your dogs checked if you think there is something wrong, and never assume what kind of condition. 

Avoid giving medicines without the veterinarian’s advice.

Knowing all these can be truly overwhelming. But, just think about how your home will have a different atmosphere with a new furry addition to your family. 

Indeed, having a dog means taking in an enormous responsibility. But, let’s just look at it this way — it’s like nurturing a new baby, which can be both challenging and fun. 

The bond that you create with your pet is immeasurable. Your heart will surely melt at how your dog will start showing its love for you.

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