My Four-legged French Surprise

I grew up having dogs in our home. In fact, my mom’s friend gave me a dachshund when I was probably 6 years old. However, I wasn’t into pets. It’s fine seeing them around, and it was also fine even if I don’t see them.

In short, the pets and I live in different worlds. But never have I even thought about hurting them in any way. I just see them playing but never bothered to actually pet them.

Decades later, my brother-in-law introduced a breed that I am not sure how to take care of. Although I have heard and seen one, I was too scared to have one at home.

I am terrified of dogs, especially the ones left in the streets. So, how am I supposed to care a bulldog?!

Knowing that a bulldog was arriving from Thailand, I was genuinely hesitant to welcome it to our home. I have this picture in my head that it could just bite anyone who comes close to it.

And definitely, I wouldn’t want myself to be in such a predicament.

Imagine the horror of having to get all those stitches after one horrible bite! All these nightmarish images were troubling me for days.

When the day that the dog was arriving, I was apprehensive. In fact, I was trying to talk to my husband and told him that it might be a wrong decision to have a French bulldog. But, according to him, it will be fine.

Anticipation rising, the dog finally came. She was just about a few months old from Thailand. She didn’t look terrifying, but definitely, I wasn’t ready to hold her.

Still, I was reluctant to have a French bulldog. I am not aware of how to take care of her. Realizing that there was no way that the dog will be sent back to the broker, I just slowly accepted that it was staying forever with us.

A few days later, I was forcing myself to hold the puppy. But, I felt squeamish holding her. So, I just started with the simple patting of the head, then gently stroking her back —but I was ready to run once I feel that it would move a nerve!

That was how paranoid I was. She was gentle, though. Didn’t hear her bark. Since she was just a puppy, I assume she felt scared being in a new environment. And just like me, maybe she was also worried if she will be safe at her new home.

Eventually, I gave her a name – Zoey.

French bulldog discovery paws

A couple of weeks after, four other French Bulldogs came. It was overwhelming, indeed, to be suddenly responsible for these four-legged critters.

Not many would agree about breeding and selling them. But, it was one way of how we can provide for the family. What differentiates us from other breeders is that we treat each of our dogs as our own babies.

We make sure that they are well-taken care of. It is not easy to be a dog breeder.

But, as time went by, we were slowly adapting to this new creature after doing some research about the breed. You just need to have a heart for these little furballs… it’s just like having a new batch of kids at home.

The only difference is that they could be super noisy at times and can be too attached to you, to the point that they wouldn’t allow you to touch any other dog but them.

I only have two hands (obviously!), and I can only hold one paw at a time so that I could embrace each one of them.

Mylee is the clingy one. She really barks loud when she sees me holding another French Bulldog. And when I give her a bath, she practically clasps her feet onto my arms! So, we end up both soaking wet!

Slowly, my fear of dogs ever biting me disappeared. I see myself not getting bored each day because I have a new mission that needs to be done….

And that is being a new fur parent to these lovable creatures.

First, there was Zoey. Then Missy, Bella, Athena, and then Mylee. Five beautiful, loving, and huggable French bulldogs!

Did I mention that I am such a doting mother to them that I give them their baths instead of asking my kids to do them for me?

The motherly instinct kicks in when it comes to my dogs. It is just too impossible to ignore those eyes who are always telling you to pick them up and play with them.

Some days aren’t as fun, especially when I know that they are not feeling well. I must have made the vets and other dog breeders crazy for all the questions I have asked them. Was I ashamed of it? Of course, not! It was one way of learning more about the breed.

And sure enough, there are new things that I have discovered as months went on, and I still continue to be surprised with so much more!

It’s been almost three years since my French Bulldogs arrived, and the kennel just keeps on growing. So, apart from having French Bulldogs, we also have a Pomeranian, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and Pugs!

Did I mention that currently, we have 19 Frenchies in all?

I am just so excited to tell you everything that I have experienced while taking care of them.

And how it breaks my heart to see them go to their new homes. Well, this is just the first of many more exciting things to share with you!

We hope that you enjoy reading our stories as we continue our journey of being fur parents and dog breeders at the same time.

Apart from the fun things we have experienced, we will also share tips on how to take care of them and so many more!

If you are not a dog lover, we are sure that the wheels will turn as you continue to read more about DISCOVERY PAWS!

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